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The content here is written by myself, Teran McKinney, unless otherwise stated. It is released into the public domain (CC0/Unlicense, whichever is applicable).

Who's this Teran guy?

I was born in British Columbia, Canada in 1992. Canada was not for me, so I fled the country at about four years of age. I'm now a US citizen. I have a startup called SporeStack which is an API-driven VPS host for cryptocurrency. I made two Linux distributions and the Vagabond Workstation. I published my first book, called Fifty Two in 2017. I started New Country Project and Goat's Gulch. I've been around Bitcoin for a very long time, was likely the first person to buy a motorcycle with Bitcoin.

I generally identify as an engineer. I love writing. I can enjoy cooking. I like riding motorcycles and working on them. I'm quite fond of Ayn Rand and Austrian Economics. For better or worse, I have opinions on a number of subjects and am happy to talk about most anything. I try to understand all that I can. I hope to make myself a better man tomorrow than I was today.

I identify with most of the tenets of anarcho-capitalism and objectivism. I lean a little to the anarcho-capitalist side of the two, with a dash of agorism and crypto-anarchist. I also have strong nationalist views and moderate conservative views. I don't fit easily under any one banner. In general, I like when people are free to do what they please within their own lives, even if I don't agree with it. Whatever form of government, I think that people are more united when they are fewer in number. I don't see how 400 million people can agree on the same issues without significant strife. I'd rather see 40 countries with 10 million people each.

I am based out of Van Horn, Texas at an off-the-grid property. I travel quite a bit and am not there most of the time. Presently I am in Fort Collins, Colorado for the summer.

If you think I'm wrong, please tell me why and show me why. I know that I'm wrong about many things and I'd like continue learning and growing.

Teran McKinney as of 2019-07-18 quietly counter-protesting a Abolish ICE rally with a MAGA hat

What does this Teran guy do now?

He makes delicious potatoes.

About the site

You'll see some things that look like question/answers. That's from back when I was running AskTeran.com (registered by a former coworker). More or less defunct, but I'd probably answer a question if you asked me to. There's also some posts that were on Craigslist, generally a bit older. Through my numerous Craigslist ads I've formed wonderful friendships, flown to Ohio to meet a stranger, (very) indirectly caused a marriage and two pregnancies, and likely bought the first half of a motorcycle for Bitcoin.

If you keep reading, you'll also see some very old stuff with a bit of change in time.

The site itself is generated with Hugo. You can find the content, theme, and rendered content on Github. I use a pre-commit hook to push it to Github.

Two servers replace themselves every week and fetch the rendered content from Github. They pay for the new server from a Bitcoin Cash wallet. It's using a "Poor Man's Failover" DNS trick, so it's georedundant. It's kind of overkill for what this is, but it's also a testbed for new ideas. I'm a firm believer in dogfooding and am doing just that, for better and for worse.

This site is also available over a Tor Hidden Service (a .onion, only accessible if you are using Tor). The V3 Hidden Service is the default, the old V2 (potatooezyf2aql6.onion) is likely not as secure and will 301 redirect you to the V3 service. In case you're connecting on Tor, this is also available as a clearnet service. Lastly, it may be available from Github Pages.

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  • Calvin and Hobbes
  • Mark Manson's books
    • Models: Attract Women With Honesty
    • The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck
    • Everything is F*cked
  • The Martian (The book, not the movie)
  • Captain Fantastic
  • The Colony (Fairly realistic/informative apocalypse survival reality show)
  • The Day After (Russian Zombie show with terrific acting)

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  • onetimechat.org
  • foureightysix.go-beyond.org (486 with dynamic content that was up on Digg.com twice, back when Digg was cool (2008~))
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  • Icadyptes (Linux distro based on Arch)
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  • I know I'm forgetting a bunch...


This is a bit of an awkward one. Especially after finding out my extended family actually reads my blog.

I'm looking for a good woman to marry. Above all, I appreciate honesty. I don't like being told half-truths or only hearing what I want to hear.

I've poured my heart out in this blog. Written on many relevant topics, so I'd like you to decide if you're interested enough to talk.

Now, what I am looking for aside from honesty:

  • A white woman. I'll consider otherwise. I used to never care, but the anti-white push has disgusted me. I like my recessive genes just the way they are, and if I'm going to pass any on, I'd like some that are similar. I recognize that a woman who isn't white might have better character than any white woman I've ever known. And if that's the case, it'd be a tough one. I think you should be proud of your own kind and I am proud of mine. But character is more important than genetics to me.
  • An American. Again, will consider otherwise, but it makes everything a heck of a lot easier. I'm very flexible and can travel, but in many ways it makes more sense in the States. I don't think I want to move abroad. I love this country.
  • A woman who I'm attracted to: a biological woman, a reasonable BMI.
  • A woman who is intelligent. I don't need someone who keeps up with me technically. But someone who can learn quickly and be adaptable would be wonderful.
  • A woman who is grateful.
  • A woman who is humble.
  • A woman who is a hard worker.
  • A woman with a healthy sex drive. I'd like to make love 2-3 times a day, every single day for as long as I am able.
  • A woman who would carry a gun to protect her kids.
  • A woman who will ride a motorcycle. I love riding offroad and traveling this way, would love to share this joy.
  • A woman who would be as good of a mother as she would a wife.
  • A woman who is fertile. Most likely, I'd like to have kids but it will take a lot of trust for me. But, I'd rather have a woman who is loving and infertile than one who is not loving and fertile.

With this all said, I don't want something that is only give and take. If you have a genuine interest in me, whether or not a romantic relationship makes sense, I will truly appreciate that and provide that in return. I'm not trying to use anyone or make anyone do something they do not want to do. I am open to discuss most anything, but also know what I want fairly well. I also think that a good woman for me would be wonderful in ways I wouldn't even know how to describe right now.

If you're interested, send me an email and we'll go from there.